Version History

This is the log of changes in reZonator of version 1. Log for the current version 2 see here.


+ addition


* fix (2017-01-12)

*!!! T and S matrices were swapped in Titlted plane-parallel plate (non brewster) (2016-04-22)

+Additional parameters for caustic window

+New options for copy command of results of table functions: copy row icon, align text

+Function 'Effective Misalignment' calculates position of effective optical axis

+Table functions are calculated at center of crystal or plate in addition to edges

+Command for exporting of graph data can be invoked via context menu of graph line

+Grin Lens element

+TS-flipped mode for caustic and stability graphs

+Expression based 'Calculator' tool for general calculations

+Elements' matrices has been described in help file

+New section 'Interface' in help file having links to all described toolbar buttons and menu items

+Frozen data of piecewise graphs (e.g. contour stability map) are stored into schema file

+Ability to make functions that are available only for specific users

+Handling of custom element-matrix is described in help file

*Graphs are not plotted when variation with step is selected

*Instead of command 'Y-axis Format', command 'Y-axis Title' is invoked

*Layout is not updated after schema has been flipped

*Sometimes it is unable to choose a variable parameter in functions parameter dialogs


1.6.0(278) (2011-06-29)

+English help file has been added

+Saving of custom matrix elements is available now

*Only actual part of the layout is copied and saved

+Additional commands to control graphs limits

+New units of measurement: mrad, angular minute

*Infinite calculation of special points when the parameter 'Root location precision' equals to zero

*'Invalid float point operation' exception in x64 systems during plotting of the wavefront curvature radius

*The caustic function in S-plane had not been calculated by the ray vector method for SP schemas

*Saved function window 'Misalignments at Elements' had not been loaded

*Now any characters can be used in names of schema templates

*Default schema templates has been localized


1.5.0(265) (2009-09-27)

1.0.2 (2007-04-12)

1.0.1 (2006-09-12)

1.0.0 (2006-08-11)