Version History

This is the log of changes in the current version 2 of reZonator. Log for the previous version 1 see here.

reZonator 2.0.5-beta1

  • TS-flipped mode added for plot functions.
  • Multicaustic function renamed to Multirange Caustic.
  • New function: Multibeam Caustic.
  • New function: Beam Parameters at Elements.
  • New elements: Axicon Mirror, Axicon Lens.
  • Copy/Paste actions for pumps.
  • Function 'Show Round-trip' can be called from plot window.
  • Parameter adjuster can be created via element's context menu.
  • Default units for function results can be chosen via app settings dialog.
  • Fixed: Multicaustic doesn't save the mode (beam radius/front radius).
  • Fixed: Invalid autolimits when graph is constant line.
  • Fixed: Unable to set adjusting parameter via typing in adjuster input box.

2019-07-03 reZonator 2.0.4-alpha4

  • 2D Stability Map function.
  • Integration with Qt Assistant and initial help pages.
  • Formula Calculator tool.
  • New element: GRIN Lens.
  • Adjustment tool added.

2019-02-11 reZonator 2.0.3-alpha3

  • The start window with MRU, actions, tools and tips panels.
  • Schema properties dialog.
  • Can read Title and Notes fields from schema files of version 1.
  • Copy/paste commands for elements, Clone command for pumps.
  • Move Up/Move Down commands for elements.
  • Can select different units for plot axes.
  • Can make default titles for plots and plots' axes.
  • Beam Variation function.

2018-09-27 reZonator 2.0.2-alpha2

  • Multicaustic function.
  • New element: Thick Lens.
  • Interface elements (surfaces): Normal, Brewster, Tilted, Spherical.

2018-06-05 reZonator 2.0.1-alpha1

  • Gaussian Beam Calculator tool with beam plotting ability.
  • It is able to append several pumps and activate them in course.
  • Global schema parameters driven by custom Lua formulas.
  • It's able to link elements' parameters to global schema parameters to change them in a complex way.

2017-12-27 reZonator 2.0.0-alpha0

  • The first preview release having Caustic and Stability Map functions.
  • New json-based format of schema files.
  • Can read schema files of version 1 (only elements, no function windows).