Version History

This is the log of changes in the current version 2 of reZonator. Log for the previous version 1 see here.

2.0.13-beta9 (2023-11-30)

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  • Switch Windows x64 flavour to Qt 6 for its better HiDPI support
  • Can change visual settings of plot elements (axes, title, legend) and save them in schema files
  • Cursor panel can show and set offset inside element under cursor in Multirange caustic window
  • An option added to the Point element to draw it as plane
  • Table windows can be stored in schema file
  • Calculate waist size and position in Caustic, MR-Caustic, MB-Caustic functions
  • Calculate bounds of stability regions in Stability Map function
  • Fix: 'Draw narrow version' checkbox was shown for elements which do not provide narrow view
  • Fix: saved window geometry could make window shown out of screen bounds
  • Fix: wrong context menu on the last element in elements table
  • Fix: Beamsize Variation: axicon matrices were not recalculated during variaton

2.0.12-beta8 (2023-05-03)

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  • Calculate beam parameters in resonators with complex matrices (#31)
  • Added configuration options for displaying of imaginary unit
  • Show both normal and squared stability parameters in round-trip window as complex numbers
  • 'Multiply selected *' functions renamed and documented (#30)
  • Can choose between forward and backward matrices in the 'Multiply selected *' functions
  • Can copy graph data for T and S planes simultaneously via command 'Plot -> Copy Graph Data' (#29)
  • Fix: 2D-Stability graph data incorrectly copied as one column.
  • Fix: incorrect filename display in window title (#34)

2.0.11-beta7 (2022-12-09)

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  • Added support for negative focuses in Thermal lens and Thermal medium elements and in the GRIN Lens Assessment tool (#23).
  • Added a tool for drawing simple lenses - Lensmaker.
  • Can set custom offset inside range element for Round-trip Matrix function.
  • Round-trip Matrix function can show matrices of all elements (optionally).
  • New help topics in the manual: Round-trip Matrix function, Function freezing, Caustic function.
  • Enabled HIDPI mode and fixed various related small issues (#15)
  • Can use online documentation instead of local one (#9).
  • Fix: schema table not properly updated after element deletion.
  • Fix: there are no axis titles stored in example files.
  • Fix: caustic window opens without axis titles.

2.0.10-beta6 (2022-02-10)

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  • New commands for Gaussian Beam Calculator window: copy image, copy data, change axis titles.
  • Added commands for changing axes titles for function plots.
  • Added beam shape tool for caustic windows.
  • Added a command for exporting all graph segments (#17).
  • Fixed typos (#16).
  • Fixed file opening on Ubuntu and macOS.

2.0.9-beta5 (2021-11-27)

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  • Can disable some elements (instead of to delete them).
  • Added schema memo - rich formatted text document that can be stored within project.
  • New help topics in the manual: Parameters Window, Adjuster Tool.
  • Several new tips added.
  • Fixed that incorrect matrices were displayed in the help file for some elements.
  • Fixed incorrect elements table repainting after several elements deleted.

2.0.8-beta4 (2021-04-13)

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  • Adjust and build with Qt 5.15.2 which is the latest LTS in 5.* series.

2.0.7-beta3 (2021-04-13)

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  • Fix: mirrors at ends of resonator respect IOR of attached media (#4).
  • Fix: back-propagation matrices for GRIN elements were not calculated (#5).

2.0.6-beta2 (2020-06-02)

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  • Can calculate complex matrices and beam parameters from them (not supported yet for stability calculation).
  • Can calculate function values under cursor.
  • Can link parameters of Matrix element to global parameters.
  • New element: Matrix element with single matrix (T=S).
  • New elements: GRIN medium, Thermal lens, Thermal medium.
  • New elements: Gaussian aperture, Gaussian aperture with thin lens, Gaussian duct (medium), Gaussian duct (slab).
  • GRIN lens can accept negative gradient constants n2.
  • Copy/Paste commands in the Pumps window.
  • Added Custom Elements Library. Copy of any element can be saved to the library.
  • Added an option allowing for output the Python code for matrices in info function windows.
  • Added settings for number formatting and data exporting.
  • Added menu commands for exporting graph data and plot image (copy to Clipboard).
  • Added options for controlling how element is displayed on the layout - show label, draw narrow.
  • New tool: GRIN lens assessment.
  • Can set different colors for pumps for using in MB-Caustic plot.

2.0.5-beta1 (2019-10-21)

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  • TS-flipped mode added for plot functions.
  • Multicaustic function renamed to Multirange Caustic.
  • New function: Multibeam Caustic.
  • New function: Beam Parameters at Elements.
  • New function: Show Round-trip (can be called from plot window).
  • New elements: Axicon Mirror, Axicon Lens.
  • Copy/Paste actions for pumps.
  • Parameter adjuster can be created via element's context menu.
  • Default units for function results can be chosen via app settings dialog.
  • Fixed: Multicaustic doesn't save the mode (beam radius/front radius).
  • Fixed: Invalid autolimits when graph is constant line.
  • Fixed: Unable to set adjusting parameter via typing in adjuster input box.
  • Fixed: Wrong autolimits on 2D Stability Map plots.

2.0.4-alpha4 (2019-07-03)

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  • 2D Stability Map function.
  • Integration with Qt Assistant and initial help pages.
  • Formula Calculator tool.
  • New element: GRIN Lens.
  • Adjustment tool added.

2.0.3-alpha3 (2019-02-11)

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  • The start window with MRU, actions, tools and tips panels.
  • Schema properties dialog.
  • Can read Title and Notes fields from schema files of version 1.
  • Copy/paste commands for elements, Clone command for pumps.
  • Move Up/Move Down commands for elements.
  • Can select different units for plot axes.
  • Can make default titles for plots and plots' axes.
  • Beam Variation function.

2.0.2-alpha2 (2018-09-27)

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  • Multicaustic function.
  • New element: Thick Lens.
  • Interface elements (surfaces): Normal, Brewster, Tilted, Spherical.

2.0.1-alpha1 (2018-06-05)

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  • Gaussian Beam Calculator tool with beam plotting ability.
  • It is able to append several pumps and activate them in course.
  • Global schema parameters driven by custom Lua formulas.
  • It's able to link elements' parameters to global schema parameters to change them in a complex way.

2.0.0-alpha0 (2017-12-27)

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  • The first preview release having Caustic and Stability Map functions.
  • New json-based format of schema files.
  • Can read schema files of version 1 (only elements, no function windows).