A Simple Way to Run the reZonator Program in Ubuntu Linux

Author: Andrey G. Sadovoy

You can run reZonator in Linux by means of the Wine program. This program is widely presents in the most of Linux distributives. Following describes the installation process of Wine and reZonator in Ubuntu Linux. First you have to install Wine from repository. Second, install reZonator from Wine. Now let's go step by step through this process.

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Step 1. Place the file rezonator-1.6.exe to your home directory.

Step 2. In the left-top corner of desktop select Applications - Ubuntu Software Center and click.

Step 3. In opened Ubuntu Software Center type "wine" and click enter. Select list item "Wine" with description "Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (Binary Emulator and Library)" and click the Install button.

Step 4. After installation has finished, select Applications - Wine - Uninstall Wine Software (don't hesitate this name, really it means add/remove software). Click this menu item.

Step 5. Click the Install... button.

Step 6. In the "Add/Remove Programs" dialog set field "Files of type:" to "All Files(*.*)" and select the file rezonator-1.6.exe in your home directory. Click the Open button.

Regular install process begins. Leave settings in setup dialogs default. Step 7. After installation has finished you can run the reZonator program from Applications - Wine - Programs - reZonator - reZonator.

Step 8. To set the shortcut to your desktop right click at reZonator item and select "Add this launcher to desktop".

Step 9. Now you can run the reZonator program by clicking it's shortcut at desktop.

Note: If you have problems with help system in the program, try to open the help file manually with some chm-viewer for Linux.

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